18 June 1914 is the probable birth date of the school building. Erven 1043, 1044 and 1049 in Green Point were bought from the Ellert family by the School Board for the School Districts of the Cape.Dutch Reformed Church records indicate that they established an educational institution here as early as 1879. 

 Before 1880 Mr Louis Corbitt opened a Grammar School at Three Anchor Bay. So successfulwas he that he acquired the stables of Mr Bayley, a racehorse owner. His residence was at the corner of Glengariff Road and the site of his house and his private academy is now occupied by Ellerton Primary School. 

Ellerton was originally called Three Anchor Bay School. It was controlled by the committee of Ellerslie Girls’ High School and remained under their control until 1926. 

On 2 February 1916 tenders were called for the building of the present school. The cost was nine thousand pounds plus the cost of the site. 

On 1 January 1917 this school opened in the new building with an enrolment of 95 boys and 193 girls. 

In 1969 it was suggested that Ellerton and Ellerslie should amalgamate but this proposal was rejected by the School Committee. The architects prepared preliminary plans for the new additions to the school in the same year. 

On 30 November 1978 the new school hall was opened by the Director of Education, Mr. Meyer. The first letter about the hall was written in February 1939! The site was handed over to the builders on 4 July 1977. The new building houses a beautiful library, spacious cloaks and, of course, the magnificent hall. 1981 saw the opening of a much-needed After-care Centre at the school. This is housed in the sheds under the school and provides a valuable service to parents who are assured that their children are well cared for until they fetch them after work. The children spend their afternoons in these safe, happy and companiable surroundings. 

With the introduction in 1982 of the Gifted Child Programme by the Cape Education Department, Ellerton was proclaimed a Laboratory school. One of the first 7 schools to achieve this recognition, an additional teacher was provided by the Department for the years 1983 – 1988. 

From January 1987 the school was granted long awaited co-educational status by the 2 Directors of Education Dr S Walters and Dr Frans Knoetze. The boys, who previously had to leave at the end of Std One, now complete their primary school education at Ellerton.  In April 1988 work was started on the building of our own swimming-pool Today the school has one Grade R class and 2 classes each of Grade 1 to Grade 7, with a total enrolment of over 400 pupils. The staff consists of the Principal, 17 Educators, a Physical Education Educator, IT Educator, Librarian, Foundation Phase Class Assistant, LSEN Educator, Dance Educator, 4 Admin staff, 5 General Assistants and 1 Security Guard. Ellerton offers a wide range of extra-mural activities which include sport and cultural activities. The Principal and staff are all involved in activities which include netball, soccer, swimming, athletics, art, dance and a chess club. Ellerton has the use of a sports field which is situated opposite the school as our grounds are unable to accommodate all these activities. The school has a fully equipped library with internet access for our learners to do their research. Our IT room is fitted with 30 computers. Each class is fitted with an interactive whiteboard with fibre access.